Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today I read about how astronomers are speculatig that dust is affecting the temperature and weather on mars. They were saying that the dust on mars could be conductor for the temperature and the rapid wind and storms which are constantly occuring on the planet. The article also stated that depending on the area on the planet whether it is lighter or darker the temperature and the climate changes dramatically. So basically the article goes on to describe the weather and how they speculate it will change over time, hopefully for the better.
Today I read about Rutger women who were angry about comments made by a radio announcer about their athletic ability. But it just seemed ridiculous because everyone has remarks about everyone else and these girls were just looking for more attention because the announcer Imus just stated his opinion and what he thought about how they played and did in the sporting event. If the girls did not agree with the remarks that does not make them wrong they are still the opinion of the announcer and should not be taking seriously by them. But either way the Rutger women are having a meeting with the announcer to speak about the comments they felt were mean towards their playing skills.
Today I read about even more trouble with the Bush administration. Such as the problem they had with China when the country found out that Bush had complained about them to World Trade Organization. Now China has begun to regret ever trading with Bush and it seems because of the way that the Bush administration complained to the World Trade Organization the trading relationship has been severely strained and China's exports has greatly increased from last quarter earnings.
Today I read about Bush fighting with democrats about not supporting his new bill. Bush wants to pull more money so that he can maintain his war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But to do so Bush has to have the democrats on his side to give him the money. Bush was furious because they would not pass his new bill and began to state that the longer they deny his bill, the more people will have to wait before their love ones return home from war, or say goodbye to loved ones who will be headed into war.